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We understand goals are unique to everyone ranging from weight loss, longevity, strength, mobility or a lifetime adventure. That’s why we designed experiences that we personally love, to guide you on your journey to moving and living courageously.

What Our Students Say

I love how my kids and I work out together, but we each work on our own level. I see lots of people like me out there… Moms who work hard all day at our careers and then work even harder caring for their families. It’s so easy to put yourself last on the list of priorities, but I decided that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my family. I also knew that I couldn’t just tell my kids to eat healthy and take care of their bodies, I had to model that behavior. The idea of fitness as a journey resonated with me, as I know that I will never be a top notch athlete, but I can and will improve my health.

Kelly, 47

After a period of time raising a family, I had gotten out of the habit of regular exercise, and then experienced a series of debilitating shoulder and hip injuries when I jumped back into things too fast. (A familiar story, I know.) After repeated waves of rest and re-injuring myself, I was about to throw in the towel, figuring I was just getting too old. However, several friends had recommended Co-Movement as a great place to help rebuild strength in a smart and safe manner. One friend moved out of the area but stays connected to them remotely, because she values the guidance she gets so much. When I told her I had taken her advice to join, she teased me that I would never stop. I totally know what she meant now!

Penny, 56

Josh has created and perfected a masterpiece, a playground and most importantly a super cool place to be. It’s the ultimate atmosphere of power, motivation and energy built around the foundation of a healthy and happy lifestyle. It’s a community of people without “egos” joining together with one goal in mind.. to help each other become a better person physically, mentally and spiritually.

Theresa, 46

We are in our 50’s and knew as the aches and pains of older age set in that we had to do something to strengthen our bodies, lose stubborn weight, and get healthy. At Co-Movement we get to work together on a routine that is designed specifically for us and our needs. We don’t simply go in and run on a treadmill. We target our weaker areas with the guidance of a teacher and build endurance at a rate that fits our individual abilities. My husband who was very reserved about the idea of “going to a gym” really appreciates the one on one guidance and the concentration on improving mobility and strength in unique ways.

Maridee and Dennis 54,58

I am a pilot and also trainer who focuses on working with flight crews. I have been on my own wellness journey for years and have been exposed to lots of different methodologies. I have done Triathalons, Marathons, Duathalons as well as Crossfit. I realized I was fit but not healthy. Watching Josh’s coaching and his own progress made me question where general movement fit into it all. After talking with Josh and doing a bit of a gymnastics focus I decided that the route he was offering fit my perfectly with my goals.

Rob, 41

I have been a semi active person most of my life. The challenge being the balance between work and family. I can honestly say looking back 1.5 years ago stress had overtaken my life, work was priority one and my health and personal well being took a back seat. Defining moments happen and looking back I can honestly say engaging with Co-Movement has led me down a new path. Getting off the ‘tread mill of life’ and finding the true me..

Bill, 41

I grew up in a home that was very dysfunctional and after all these decades, I can admit, abusive. So, I always have to tell that 12 year old me (who still is part of me) that I CAN DO IT. Any sport I played while growing up was an opportunity for me to hear about what I did wrong. Therefore, I stopped playing sports. I took up running as an adult and loved it because the clock became my friend. I could see my progress. Then, I had kids. A husband who went back to school, and I stopped running. When I was forty, my knees hurt so badly, that my doctor wanted me on arthritis medication. Nope. That was not going to happen. I took Tammy’s advice and called Josh for an appointment. I never went on that arthritis medication because my knees don’t hurt anymore! My Co-Movement journey has taught me to get as much negative energy away from me as possible. This tribe is full of people with positive energy. I feel stronger (both mentally and physically) because I am surrounded by people who want me and (themselves) to be better. I do admit that when I’m at Lowe’s picking up 50lbs bags of potting soil, I love the look on the workers’ faces when I easily pick them up and put them on the cart.

Tammi, 47

Andrew, the other trainers, and clients have created an amazing environment where making yourself a priority and positive personal growth is contagious. Being someone who used to hate strength training, it is crazy for me now to know that I honestly look forward to my biweekly sessions and can’t imagine not doing it.

Lara, 33

At 73 years I am more active and fit now than I have ever been in my life. I cannot image how sedentary I would be without the encouragement and training that I get from Andy on a regular basis. I recommend just trying it and you will be automatically convinced from the first session.

Mike, 73

Very knowledgeable, genuine, no BS, strong community.

Stacey, 25

Andy changed my entire thought process and general way of thinking about food, fitness and life’s overall goals. I never thought I would be doing handstands and the amount of pull ups at my age.

Steve, 45

In terms of personal strength and flexibility, I wasn’t seeing the growth I had hoped to using other programs. Throughout the past year, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed becoming a part of the supportive Co-Movement family! I’ve learned more about my body’s muscles, energy, and movement, than I have ever learned with any other fitness program. I have reconnected with my inner gymnast, and I continue to enjoy seeing new muscles and definition in my body. I would strongly recommend Co-Movement for anyone who wishes to achieve personal strength and fitness goals in an atmosphere filled with genuine, supportive, like-minded people.

Adrianne, 36

My accomplishments are many with improved strength and mobility, nutrition and a true zest for life. I never imagined being able to achieve multiple muscle ups, tuck planche, basic ring routines and handstand progressions at my age.

Dave, 52

I’ve been a competitive gymnast for the past 5 years. I like Co-Movement because Josh, Andy and Jake motivate me and bring new things to the table and other fun challenges. My experience at Co-Movement has been amazing because Josh and his trainers support anything I want to do.

David, 14

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